Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fake The People Suspended

Sorry for the news that Fake The People has Suspended because of limitations. But The MEGA is out now with 15-20 new posts.
Mega is a blog created by me filled with adventures and all check it out here : http://sh.st/lumy0

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Contact Me Page Created, Contact Us Idea Now

Hello Guys,
Now there is another way of contacting me that is by just opening the link filling the form and you are done. You can tell us ideas and we will credit you also. Just open the link and fill the form
Click on the link or fill the form below


Monday, May 11, 2015

Facebook or Gmail password hack [by Fake The People]

Hello Guys,
I am working on another projects which is of facebook and gmail password hack. What this software do is that it asks you to login with facebook and as you  login the password is stolen and then it is sent to my email. I have named it "Free Recharge and Free Data Packs". What you will have to is to give your friend the dropbox link and say that this is working free recharge software in which you have to click on ads and you will get 5rs per ads click. And when your friends will open that software then they will be asked to login with facebook. When they will enter thier facebook password then it will suddenly be sent to my email and then I will give you the password when you will enter yours and your friend email, I will understood and I will send it.

Please note: It is just for fun, not to disturb them, and please dont HACK THE ACCOUNT OF A PERSON WHO'S HEART WILL BE BROKEN OR WILL BE ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT THAT. So this software is made only for such situation that for people who regularly abuse you or insult you.

Link will be available soon. There will be two softwares one for login with facebook and another for login with Gmail.

Ahmad Taha
The Developer

Fake installers of games [by Fake The People]

Hello Guys,
Another great prank you can play with your friends who kept asking you for games. There are some people who are very fond of playing games. May be your friends is too. If your friends kept asking you that "PLEASE GIVE ME THIS GAME AND THIS GAME" then even you want to give but you cant download. In such a way you can give them game's fake installers by Fake The People which is just like the installers of the game but the thing is that when you are installing the game, the installation is aborted due to any reason which I have given like ex- No Sufficient Ram found, Graphics card is not supported by this game, etc.

Now it is your duty to request the name of the game in the comment box below or at "atgamerfidelis@gmail.com". Any game name you can give like Assassin Creed Unity,WWE Raw 15,Cricket 14

There are two installers which are ready and these are WWE RAW 15 and CRICKET 14 or 15
If you want these then this will be uploaded as soon as I see your comment.

Please dont hesitate or feel shame, You may request any game. After requesting the game will be uploaded in 2-3 days only. It may be delayed due to some emergency reason or my exam.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Free SMS prank all over the world!

Hello guys,
We are back with a new prank that is not created by me but I found it while I was searching the net for so that I can do free call or send free sms. This is a big prank for your sensitive friends that you can play by telling that they can do infinite number of free sms all over the world!!!!  And say that this has 100% success and billions of people are using it. Just opening this link

You can try by opening the link :

Dont  credit me because I have not created the site. Please just share this link and like my facebook page

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